Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Workout 28 June 2011


Kettlebell circuit, 2x

20 2-arm swings, 16kg
10 renegade rows, 2- 12kg
5+5 sots press, 10lbs
10 double get-up sit-up, 10lbs x1, 15lbs x2
5+5 one-leg squat on 2nd from smallest plyo box
5+5 snatch, 16kg

I wanted to go heavier on the double get-up sit-up but I couldn't find the floor trainer to hold my feet either time. My hip flexors are sore today, and I think it's from trying to keep my legs flat on the ground through the entire range of motion.

Ok, a word about the sots press. It looked totally do-able, challenging, and fun, so I started with an 8kg kettlebell. And I was stunned that I couldn't do it. So I went down to a 15-lb kettlebell, a size that I don't ever touch. Still a no-go. I actually had to use a 10-lb kettlebell, and it was still challenging as hell. I tweaked my left shoulder while trying the 8kg and 15-lb sizes so I won't do any overhead loading for a few days till it calms down.

I knew I was doing the right thing by backing down in size before trying something new, because form matters more than weight. I just wasn't prepared for how much lighter I'd have to go to get it right. Lesson learned!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Workout 27 June 2011


Kettlebells and TRX

Volume: sets of 20 reps, or 10+10

Balance lunge
1-leg squat
Suspended lunge

Kettlebell swings:
Two-arm swings, 16kg

Row (low)
Press (standing)
Power pull

Kettlebell swings:

Hip drop
Standing roll-out
Side plank on forearm with hip drop
Crunches, high plank

Kettlebell swings:

I was joined halfway through by my workout partner so we shared the TRX, which added some time to the workout.

I wanted to do more TRX while my ankle isn't sore from the cortisone. I have another shot coming up on Friday, so I'm doing more balance work before then. I had a pretty rough weekend so this was a great way to get back into the groove for the week.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Workout 24 June 2011


Spinning, off the saddle

About halfway through spin class, my ankle was screaming at me in pain. The weight-bearing repetitive motion was a little too much for me, though I love the class. I went for another 5 minutes or so on the saddle, but I didn't want to risk further injury so I had to stop. I was stretched out by another trainer and had the knots in my calves (overcompensation from the arthritis) rolled out with "The Stick." Pain and relief at the same time!

My spinning instructor, Shellie Kercher. LOVE her.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Workout 23 June 2011


Due to an excessive sleep deficit and pain in my ankle yesterday, I did not do a workout. I was still feeling very tired today but knew that I needed to make myself do a workout anyway for consistency. Once I got going, I was able to enjoy it. I'm already feeling the effects of it and am glad I made myself do it.

I wasn't feeling very creative, so I chose to do:


I had an 8kg kettlebell and a TRX with me, so I did 8 reps (or 4+4) of each

Squat, straight-leg deadlift
Squat, DL, row
Squat, DL, row, chest press
Squat, DL, row, press, windmill
Squat, DL, row, press, windmill, hip drop
Squat, DL, row, press, windmill, hip drop, alternating 1-arm swings (16 reps)

Swings, hip drop
Swings, hip drop, windmill
Swings, hip drop, windmill, press
Swings, hip drop, windmill, press, row
Swings, hip drop, windmill, press, row, DL
Swings, hip drop, windmill, press, row, DL, squat

For the DL, I was standing with my heels on the edge of the walkway and my toes hanging over so the handle of the kettlebell ended up level with my feet. I got a fantastic stretch out of it.

For the windmill, I went down until the palm of my free hand was level with the sand. I loaded the kettlebell overhead. Also a fantastic stretch.

I used the TRX for the squats, row, press, and hip drop. I used the kettlebell for the others.

There were 8 rounds of each exercise total, so for everything except the swings, I did 64 repetitions (or 32 per side for the ones that were 4+4). It ended up being 128 one-arm swings, 64 per arm.

View from my workout space :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Workout 21 June 2011


First workout since the cortisone shot in my ankle.

Warm-up of 3-plane neck movement with 8kg kettlebell, 8kg kettlebell halos, pump drill, lateral lunges, and ankle circles.

With the 8kg:
2 Turkish get-ups (1 per side) with kneeling windmill and overhead squat
20 2-arm swings
2 Turkish get-ups, regular
20 2-arm swings

With the 12kg:
2 TGUs with kneeling windmill and OH squat
20 2-arm swings

With the 16kg:
20 2-arm swings

With the 12kg:
2 TGUs with 3 OH squats and kneeling windmill going up and down

With the 16kg:
2 TGUs
20 2-arm swings
10+10 1-arm swings
20 2-arm swings
10+10 1-arm swings
20 2-arm swings

Friday, June 17, 2011

Workout 17 June 2011


Spinning class, off the saddle the entire time

I had clients all morning and only managed 40 minutes of a crazy intense spin class before I had to leave, get the kids from school, and rush to my doctor to get another cortisone shot in my subtalar joint. It's my second shot in a series of three, each given two weeks apart. I won't be doing too much for the next few days while the cortisone works its way around my joint. I've been dealing with arthritis and cortisone shots for nearly 3 years now. Chronic pain sucks! It's also the reason I can't do much impact, and why my cardio consists mainly of kettlebells and the occasional spin class.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Workout 16 June 2011


TRX Supersets- with a partner sharing the TRX

Reps: 16 or 8 per side, each superset repeated twice

A Squat
B Suspended lunge

A Row with rotation
B Press with leg in front

A Torso rotation
B Reverse plank with pull-through

A Suspended abducted lunge
B 1-leg hip press

A Overhead back extension with hip hinge
B High plank combo: crunch, pike, oblique crunch, oblique crunch


TRX Class- Tabata (0:20 on, 0:10 rest x 8)

Hip Drop
Row, alternating low and high with each set
Suspended lunge, alternating abducted and regular
Low plank abs (plank, body saw, crunches, oblique crunches, pike, etc)
Chest, alternating press and fly and alternating 1-leg

I needed a light workout day, so this was a great choice. I also have to wait for a ripped blister on my hand to heal from all those swings I did yesterday before I can do too many swings or snatches again.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Workout 15 June 2011


Crazy Kettlebell Cardio! Two-arm swings for the entire workout, no warm-up or cool-down (had to get to a client for his session)

First round:
12kg: 30, 16kg: 20, 24kg: 10

Second round:
12kg: 40, 16kg: 30, 24kg: 20 (WOW!)

Third round:
12kg: 50, 16kg: 30, 24kg: 20 (couldn't make it past 30 and 20 with the 16 and 24kgs. My legs and glutes were on fire!!)

Fourth round:
12kg: 40, 16kg: 30, 24kg: 20

Fifth round:
12kg: 30, 16kg: 20, 24kg: 10

Totals: 12kg- 190, 16kg- 130, 24kg- 80

Grand Total: 400 swings

This was an intense one for sure :) I used some chalk for the 24kg swings so my grip would be a little more secure. I was not on a surface that allowed me the option of dropping the 'bell if necessary. The annoying thing about using chalk from a bag is the way it gets under my fingernails. It's kind of distracting.

Just to clarify unit conversions, the 12kg weighs about 26 lbs, the 16kg weighs about 35 lbs, and the 24kg weighs about 53 lbs. Fun stuff!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Workout 14 June 2011


Kettlebell and TRX Circuit, 4 rounds

12 reps or 6+6 each

1-leg squats on TRX (6+6)
Push press with two 8-kg kettlebells (6 total since doing doubles)
Low row on TRX (12)
Jump squats on TRX (12)
1-arm swing with release with 12-kg kettlebell (6+6)

Following the circuit, I moved on to:

Snatches with 12-kg



Next up was my TRX Class, which was similar to the workout I'd just completed, but I participated anyway. I was regretting the one-legged squats once I got started...


TRX Circuit, three rounds: 
8 repetitions first round, 10 repetitions second round, 12 repetitions third round

1-leg squats (4+4, etc)
Chest fly
Jump squats
Power pull (4+4, etc)
Abdominal exercises (crunches, pikes, body saw): 25 seconds

I'm afraid I'll be feeling this tomorrow!!

Workout 13 June 2011

11:45am- 12:30pm

Joint Mobility warm-up for 10 minutes

Format: kettlebell circuit

Reps: 8, then 10, then 12 - increasing with each circuit

Full squats with 8kg
Renegade Row with 2 12kg (alternating)
Double windmill with 8kg on top and 12kg on bottom (4+4, 5+5, 6+6)
Suitcase DL with 16kg
Ab circles with 8kg (half in each direction)
Side press with 8kg (also half in each direction)


Power Plate circuit, utilizing straps


Two complete circuits

Bent over row
Side plank to side plank
Glute bridge
Shoulder side raise 45 degrees

That wore me out for the day!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Workout 12 June 2011

I've been sick from March-May with bad sinus infections and put on strong antibiotics, which has kept me from exercising. I'm fed up with being sick and am ready to get back into the "swing" of things. I've been working out for a few weeks and am now going to record my workouts and share them. I hope to inspire anyone who comes across this blog and give some ideas of workouts and progressions. I want to clarify that I am intermediate- advanced with kettlebells and TRX, with 10 years and 3 years experience, respectively. If there are any questions about how to do these exercises safely and properly, please find a fitness professional in your area (RKC for kettlebells and personal training TRX certified instructor for TRX). Happy Training!

12:30pm-1:20pm Kettlebell circuit, 2 rounds

~1-leg squats on 2nd from smallest plyo box: 5 each

~Turkish Get-Up alternating sides with kneeling windmill and overhead squat: 3 each w/ 8kg, round 2: 2 each w/ 12kg plus 1 each regular TGU

~Deck squats: 8 w/ 8kg, round 2: 10 w/ 8kg

~1-leg deadlift: 8 each with 16kg, round 2: 10 each with 16kg

~Double swings and snatches: 10 each with 2 8kg

9:40pm-10:00pm Kettlebell cardio

10kg kettlebell

format: 2-arm, 1-arm, assisted pull-ups

~20, 10+10, 5
~30, 15+15, 6
~40, 20+20, 7
~20, 10+10, 5
~30, 15+15, 6
~40, 20+20 WIPED OUT!